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Branding in Print

Posted by Litho Marketing on March 19, 2018 at 12:29 AM

Print marketing does more than send a message about your products and services.

It communicates about your brand. The elements of your printed pieces send a strong message whether or not you intended it to. Use these five tips for help with communicating the right brand messages:

1. Keep a consistent brand message across all channels. From piece to piece and across channels (print, email, displays, web), be sure your brand stays consistent. Use the same color palettes, the same type of imagery, and a tightly controlled logo. Create a similar look and feel, even if the design isn’t identical. Every communication from your company should send an identifiable brand message.

2. Tell a story. People love stories, and print is a great storyteller. Let's say you are selling pizza and wings. Instead of promoting “Wings 25% off this Friday only!” why not try something different? “It’s kick-off time and what’s for dinner? Not chicken AGAIN! Spice it up with our hot wings instead!”

3. Identify and target your audience. People are out there talking about your brand. Discover who they are and target them with brand-building messages. This builds word of mouth, which (when positive) is the most valuable marketing you can get. In the world of consumer marketing, these people are often called “instigators.” Find out who they are and create targeted messaging just for them.

4. Use testimonials. Whether it’s in print, online, or social media, people believe testimonials over traditional messaging. Begin collecting testimonials and add the best ones to your postcards, direct mail letters, in-store signage, and other print marketing materials.

5. Don’t skimp on quality. Well sure, you could print those brochures on your desktop inkjet printer, but quality is an important part of your brand message. Having professionally produced print materials is a sign of a trust worthy business. Printing on the cheap sends the wrong message.

Every print document you send or display sends a brand message.
Make sure you’re sending the right ones.

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